In 1869, the Golden Spike completed the transcontinental railroad and brought the United States together. Since 1988, the Golden Spike Event Center has been a gathering place for the people of Weber County to come together.


The 150,000-square-foot facility sits on more than 150 acres and is well equipped to handle almost any event. Especially if you’re planning anything involving horses. We have indoor arenas, a stadium, and a championship equestrian course, race tracks and more than 500 covered stalls.

It’s also great for sporting events. The center has two regulation basketball courts, seven soccer fields and a lighted softball facility. In the past 25 years, we’ve hosted the state wrestling championships, arena football and several amateur tournaments.


That’s just to mention a few of the activities and events you can host at the Golden Spike Event Center. So whether you’re putting on a concert, demolition derby, trade show or office party, it’s still the perfect place to come together.